Forgetfulness in Seniors: Should You Worry?

If you are like the majority of the seniors, you possibly give lots of consideration on how your brain functions in older age. And in case you tend to forget things every now and then, you might even think that you are at a greater risk of suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Forgetfulness: When is it considered normal?

Changes are likely to occur in your body with the risingage. Same goes with the functioning of your brain. You may experience forgetfulnessat times or that you take additional time in learning new stuff, however, suchchanges should not be a cause of concern for you.  The fact is, experts found that with adequate time, seniorsare likely to perform as well as youngsters when it comes to complex memory tests.

Common Memory Issues:

With the rising age, you might see a few noticeable changes in your memory , however, unless they’re  persistent &severe, you should be completely safe.


Such a type of forgetfulness might occur to most of us irrespective of the age whenever you do not pay close attention towards any instructions or conversation.


Blocking is whenever you are not able to recall the answer to the question which others ask you. Also, it may happen when you find it difficult to remember the name of a familiar person. Researchers think such type of blockages could become obvious with age. At times, this may happen as a result of 2 competing memories in which one becomes so intrusive that it tends to block a person’s ability to recall things.


Misattribution is when a person is able to recall a portion of an event correctly however misattribute certain details such as the time, place, or even the person(s) involved. It happens because it becomes challenging for you to absorb details in your older age.

When should you seek assistance?

If you are worried about any changes in your brain, consult a physician.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to understand that if you are encountering any unknown changes in your memory which stress you, taking an expert advise is always the best thing you can do.

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