Finding the Best Dentist as a Senior

Check online reviews

Like any other industry, a number of ways are available today which can assist you in finding a qualified dental expert on the internet. For example, you can quickly search on the internet to find relevant feedbacks of a number of dentists in your locality. But, it’s not a good idea to solely rely on these ratings. Some websites may show good or bad scores for certain reasons which aren’t relevant to you, hence it’s crucial that you go through the actual reviews for knowing why some dentists score high while others score low. Also, you must be aware that it’s quite possible for someone to post numerous fake reviews, hence be alertful of dentists who have extreme scores till you’ve done an adequate amount of research.

Ask your friends or family members

This is another easy way for finding a quality dentist in your area. The best thing when you go this way is that majority of the people you already know may already have been familiar with someone whom they can recommend. In addition, individuals are unlikely to change their dentist every now and then.


A qualified dentist is likely to have all of their certifications showcased clearly at the entrance where they practice.

Level of experience

In addition to checking their qualifications, it is also wise to know to their experience levels as well as for how long they’ve been practicing.

Know about additional services which are being offered

A qualified dentist is unlikely to simply practice check-ups & fillings in the current age, they may provide a number of additional services. Try knowing about these services which they offer besides fillings and check-ups because in the near future you might require any of these.

Know how much they charge

Last but not the least, you want to know the amount they charge for various services. In addition, you could also check whether they offer any financial aid or payment plans for their services and the insurance coverage if any.

Are Dental Services covered by Medicare supplement plans?  No. Supplemental plans don’t cover dental services since they’re not a part of Original Medicare coverage. However, at times, the coverage may be usually restricted to preventative care services.